Take control of stability

The ActyFoot™ ankle support’s modular design allows the user to control the level of ankle stability as required.

Its removable lateral stay offers increased immobilization and protection to aid recovery following injury or for added confidence during activity.

Without the stay, the unique strap system provides sufficient support for sports and daily activities while allowing greater freedom of movement.

Intended use/Indications:

ActyFoot is designed to provide support, stabilization and partial immobilization (restriction of movement) of the ankle

  • Acute lateral ligament injuries
  • Acute ankle sprains and ligament ruptures
  • Prevention of further injuries in pre-operative chronic ankle instability
  • Protection of ankle joint
  • Functional rehabilitation of ankle injury
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• Modular design:

Detachable lateral stay allows the brace to be modified for use in both acute and chronic injury phases

• Removable semi-rigid lateral stay:

Helps provide additional support and protection by limiting ankle inversion (lateral twisting)

• Accessible design:

Can be fully opened to allow simple and secure application

• Slimline design:

- Fits in most traditional athletic shoes or sneakers and can be worn over a sock for additional comfort

- Low profile, thin straps, and durable materials offer a comfortable fit

• Forefoot strap:

Allows the wearer to adjust the level of compression as required

• Calf strap:

Adjustable strap with elastic and non-elastic sections provides additional stability to the ankle joint

• Cross strap:

Non-elastic diagonal strap further helps to stabilize the ankle and prevent supination of the foot

• Semi-rigid foot plate:

Enhances ankle control without limiting plantar or dorsiflexion

• Fitting symbols:

The symbols on the straps guide the user and facilitate application of the brace

• Lightweight, ergonomic:

Anatomically shaped using light materials to help avoid pressure points and provide greater comfort

Part Number
Left Right Heel Circumference EU shoe size Size
82-02A-SL 82-02A-SR ≤ 30 cm ≤ 38 S
82-02A-ML 82-02A-MR 30 – 34 cm 38 – 43 M
82-02A-LL 82-02A-LR ≥ 34 cm ≥ 43 L

ActyFoot™ - Instructions for Use:
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