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Introducing New DonJoy® Corsets

The International product pipeline continued to flow in January, with the launch of a pair of new semi-rigid unisex corsets from DonJoy®.

DonJoy Lumbostrap 35 and DonJoy Dorsostrap 55 are designed to address several lumbar and dorso-lumbar spine conditions, as well as low back pain.

With a height of 35 cm, Lumbostrap 35 provides support and stability for the lumbar spine from S1-T10. At 55 cm high, Dorsostrap 55 covers the dorsal-lumbar spine from S1-T4.

Both supports are lightweight, low profile, and breathable, allowing them to be worn comfortably for extended periods, and to fit more easily under clothing.

Enovis™ Italy Country Manager Andrea Faso commented: “We are very happy with these two corsets, designed to the specific requirements of the Italian market. In Italy, it is essential to be able to offer corsets to our customers. While previously there was a gap in our portfolio, adding these exciting new products will enable us to enter this specific market segment.”

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Introducing Fusiogel and FusioLight II

The International business unit got off to a flying start in 2023 with the launch of two new ankle stirrups from DonJoy®.

DonJoy FusioLight II® is designed to be worn following mild to moderate ankle sprains, as well as providing support for chronic ankle instabilities. Its new memory foam cushions provide even more comfortable stability for patients.

DonJoy Fusiogel®, on the other hand, specifically targets acute ankle injuries, with removable cold therapy gel pads offering convenient cold compression for sprained ankles. The anatomical shells and adjustable straps provide comfortable stability for the longer term, allowing it to also be used in more chronic cases.

The introduction of these products is part of the process of optimizing the International ankle brace portfolio. FusioLight II is a refresh of the well-established FusioLight ankle stirrup, while Fusiogel is a natural replacement for the DonJoy/Procare® Surround Gel Ankle.

Ankle stirrups and sleeves made up 11.3% of total International Bracing & Supports revenue for 2022, showing a growth of 20.2% on the previous year.

“With ankle bracing one of the top-performing International market segments, it is vital for us to maintain momentum,” said International Product Manager Erich Scheepers.

“The introduction of these fresh new products shows our commitment to this strategy.”

To learn more about these new products, visit the website here:

Powering Motion

We believe in Powering Motion™ - The company’s philosophy “to get and keep people moving” - is based on the idea that activity is the key to living a healthier lifestyle, better treatment outcomes, and improved healthcare economics for all. We do this by delivering a complete Orthopedic Continuum of Care from performance and mobility to surgical intervention and post-operative rehabilitation.