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DonJoy LadyStrap

Back relief, precisely for women

DonJoy LadyStrap is made specifically for the female body.

Since it’s shaped to fit a woman’s natural curves, women can now get the same support and targeted pain relief they expect from a DonJoy back support, but with improved comfort.

And with a host of adjustable features, DonJoy LadyStrap helps provide even more precise back support.

Intended use/Indications

The DonJoy LadyStrap is designed to provide support and stabilization of the lumbar spine and relief of low back pain.

  • Acute lower back pain
  • Back pain prevention, return to activities
  • Back sprain
  • Muscular weakness
  • Lumbar disc diseases (conservative treatment)
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  • Height-adjustable back pad:

Provides additional support and compression in the back area to help target low back pain

  • Bilateral straps:

Enable compression level to be increased for activity and reduced for periods of relaxation

  • Four semi-rigid dorsal stays:

Curved for optimal anatomical fit and improved comfort

  • Easy fastenings:

Ergonomic front closure with finger loop allows for fast and simple application and adjustment

  • Lace fabrics:

For a feminine look

  • Made for women:

Fits the natural curves of a woman's body, including a more pronounced lumbar curvature. Fitted at the waist

  • Lightweight, low-profile design:

Helps make extended periods of wear comfortable, ideal during the acute phase

  • Optimal thermoregulation:

Allows air circulation under the support for enhanced breathability

  • Skin-friendly materials:

Soft and comfortable to help prevent skin irritation. Latex free

Part number
Height 21cm Height 26cm Waist circumference Size
82-0050-1 82-0051-1 56 – 68 cm XS
82-0050-2 82-0051-2 68 – 82 cm S
82-0050-3 82-0051-3 82 – 98 cm M
82-0050-4 82-0051-4 98 – 116 cm L
82-0050-5 82-0051-5 116 – 136 cm XL

DonJoy LadyStrap - Instructions for Use:
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