DonJoy Dorsostrap 55

Support and comfort refined

At 55 cm high, the DonJoy Dorsostrap 55 covers the dorsal-lumbar spine from S1-T4, providing support, stability, and relief of low back pain. The brace’s semi-rigid dorsal stays and bilateral straps offer adjustment of support, while a pair of reverse shoulder straps provide adjustable tension to help improve kyphotic posture. Furthermore, its lightweight and slimline construction means support doesn’t come at the expense of comfort or taste.

Intended use/Indications

DonJoy Dorsostrap 55 is designed for support and stabilization of the dorsal-lumbar spine from S1-T4 and relief of low back pain.

  • Outcomes of vertebral fractures of the dorso-lumbar tract
  • Dorsal vertebral collapses on an osteoporotic or metastatic basis (most common indication), that requires a very long usage (up to 12 months)
  • Post-operation period
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteomalacia
  • Dorsal kyphosis
  • Osteolysis
  • Kyphosis with chronic back pain
  • Muscular insufficiency
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  • Reverse shoulder straps
    to help improve kyphotic posture
  • Four semi-rigid pre-shaped dorsal stays:
    help provide adjustable enhanced back support. Two of the stays can be replaced with a more rigid pair for additional stability
  • Double bilateral elastic straps:
    provide individual adjustable compression
  • Anatomically-contoured:
    for improved comfort
  • Lightweight, breathable, odor-resistant materials:
    aid hygiene and compliance

Part number Waist circumference Size
82-0056-1 56 – 68 cm XS
82-0056-2 68 – 82 cm S
82-0056-3 82 – 98 cm M
82-0056-4 98 – 116 cm L
82-0056-5 116 – 136 cm XL
82-0056-6 136 – 156 cm XXL

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